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The trees at Long Mountain are descendents of the first trees brought to the Island from Guatemala in 1892, a variety of Arabica coffee tree now called Kona typica. The trees of Kona thrive in the raw volcanic soil and frequent afternoon showers of the region.

Kona typica lacks the disease resistance of hybrids currently grown in the rest of the coffee producing world; however, Hawaii’s isolation allows the trees to flourish. Since it is not plagued with the diseases and pests common to the other growing regions, Kona coffee is able to be grown without the application of pesticides and fungicides, and the antique variety of tree produces a superior flavor and bouquet that makes Kona coffee the best in the world.

After the annual pruning at the beginning of the year, the trees in Kona flower in the late spring, as the island’s wet season sets in. March, April and May see masses of tiny white blossoms covering the trees; a spectacle known as Kona Snow. The trees are related to the Gardenia, and the fragrance of the flow is similar in its exotic intensity. Springtime in Kona is truly the embodiment of Paradise.

Summer showers intermingled with warm sunshine assist in a gradual development of the fruit; careful branch selection and frequent fertilization help create the perfect bean.

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