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Close Quarters
On the lower shoulders of Mauna Loa (13,679 FT elevation), Left Coast farm is a narrow pie shaped piece of property running makai (downhill) to mauka (uphill). If you are out working, for some reason you are always walking uphill. The farm is bisected by the private road which allows access to the nine farms further along.

With a grade of 15 to 25 degrees along the way, wide and flat places are rare on the road, making the turning of big vehicles a challenge. Even the normal sized pickup easily can (and does) end up having to be towed back onto the road. Twelve point turns are common. Several spotters usually essential. Patience and nerves of steel most advantageous.

This truck was turning around after delivering gravel for cement work. His right tire is perched on the edge of a vertical drop. Just behind him, where my dad can be seen in the heliconia, is a near vertical ascent. This happens to be one of the widest places along the entire road!

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