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Kona coffee's complex flavor is best when it is freshly roasted. It can be stored for several months in the freezer. Please enjoy it sooner rather than later in order to achieve the best cup.

Brew your Long Mountain coffee in a clean pot with good flavored water. Tap water, especially if it is softened, can give the brew a salty or chlorine after-taste. Water that has been run through an activated carbon filter is the best.

Whole beans should be ground to suit the brewing machine. A medium grind, the texture of sugar, is best for flat basket drip and vacuum pots. Espresso grind is a fine cornmeal texture, and works well with cone-shaped drip, filter-brewing and of course, espresso machines. Too fine a grind will result in over-extracted, bitter coffee. Too course will brew watery, thin coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee possesses more oils and flavor, so less is needed to brew a delicious cup. We find that a mounded teaspoon of Long Mountain Kona is plenty for an 8 to 10oz. cup.

Coffee left on a heating element will start to lose its flavor and become bitter in as little as 5 minutes. Place freshly brewed coffee in a lidded thermal carafe which has been pre-heated with hot water, and your coffee will stay fresh for hours (if it lasts that long)!

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